From Robert and I, our large and happy family, and on behalf of the many other street children we hope soon to provide a loving home to, thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for your concern and involvement.

Carli and Robert


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Life at Abetavu

Everyday fun in our compound

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What Will You Give Up?

Our donations this year have really been down. We need to raise $35 000.00 for our
operational budget to sustain us until we come to Canada to fund-raise in August. Starting
today until April 30th, Abetavu is running a GIVE IT UP Campaign. It is simple, what are you
willing to give up for one month: chocolate, coffee, junk food, eating out, luxury items, or
something of your choice. Choose what you are going to give up, then donate the money
you would normally spend on that item via paypal on I will be updating
with the support that comes in regularly and it would be great if you could please send me
a message and share what you gave up to encourage others to join in.


Primary school sponsorship

With a donation of $75 a year, a child's life can be changed permanently. Their self-esteem
raised from the depths of despair and equipped with knowledge that will give them a
fighting chance at the future ahead and end the cycle of illiteracy.


Community Hall and Library

We were blessed with the funds to construct a community hall/meeting space. We also
teamed up with Niteo (based in Kelowna, BC) and they provided us with a container full
of books that was made into a beautiful library. This is a huge resource for our village.
From that we run reading groups with the youth and teach novel studies at the local
primary school among other ongoing literacy projects.


Children With Special Needs

We have started a day program for children with special needs and a support group for
their parents.

The children are between the ages of 2 and 13 years old and disabilities are Down
Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephaly, Cerebral Malaria and Autism. We also have a
Physiotherapist come once a month where we have up to 25 children attend and each
parent/guardian is counselled and taught how to do exercises with the child at home.
All of the children had never been to a Doctor before, never been clinically diagnosed
before, and never used any special equipment (wheel chair, walker, etc) all because of
poverty. We need continued financial support to maintain this project.


Hidden Talent

Robert is going strong with his pre-teen, teen, and young adult soccer teams. He trains
them every evening. They have at least two games a month. Their dream is to join a
tournament in the big city, Kampala. In our village there are no positive activities for
young men to take part in. Hidden Talent gives the young men something to look forward
to and something positive for them to pour their energy into.


Coming to Canada!

Robert and I and our kids are coming to Canada from Mid-August until Mid-October. We
will be fundraising in a variety of ways: Craft Parties, Speaking events, and book tour/
readings. We will need help with the cost of our airfare. If you would like to book us for a
fundraiser/host for us an event please email me This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


I am Writing a Book

My goal before I turned 30 was to write a book, a memoir. I have finished a rough
draft and it is now being edited. It was a very emotionally draining process for me,
but at the same time also freeing. I am hoping to have it published this summer.