Uganda's Street Children

Carli with the original 6 street kids, 2007.Carli with the original 6 street kids, 2007.An alarming number of young children in Uganda are surviving on Kampala’s cruel streets; foraging for scraps of food, begging, stealing or doing the most menial of jobs. Many arrived here because they were simply abandoned by their families who either couldn’t or wouldn’t look after them: many more because they were orphaned through AIDS. What they all have in common is that they are abused, often despised and in extreme danger.

Human life is not valued highly in many Sub-Saharan countries where most people live in appalling poverty; street children are on the very bottom rung of that scale. All children need someone they can talk to, love and trust to develop a sense of self-esteem and belonging. These children, many of whom have never experienced a kind word or deed in their lives, simply drew the wrong card in life.

There is a huge need for Uganda's abandoned and orphaned children to be provided with a safe and loving family to care for them. Carli and Robert are constantly getting requests to take in more children, but due to lack of space and funding, they can only take in children on an emergency basis.

There is a temporary children's reception centre in Carli and Robert’s neighbourhood that cares for children rescued from extreme abuse situations, such as being burned with acid by an abusive parent or rescued from being sacrificed by local witch doctors, a practice that happens all to regularly in Uganda. This one centre alone has over 200 children and are eagerly awaiting placement for them.